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Silicone BoobsHello and welcome to my Big Silicone Boobs Sexblog! Since February 2012 only the biggest plastic jugs get posted here and this time it’s Kortney Kane who proofs her blowjob and fucking skills. This busty babe is a perfect MILF, a mother everyone would like to fuck. Huge silicone boobs like hers are the reason why I’ve started this big boobs sexblog!

In this wild Big Tits Boss episode we see once again that working for a busty fuckslut is quite more fun than for anybody else. Would you decline a nice blowjob from this sexy babe? No, neither would I! Kortney Kane grabs the big cock of her unqualified employee and serves him with a oral exam. She sucks the dick until he’s almost about to explode while her big boobs are almost dropping out of her blouse. The brunette boss with the glasses is a real sexpert and knows how to treat a lazy coworker like this exemplar here.

Now it’s about time for some nice fucking, right on the desktop (office table). Check out our free Big Boobs Sexblog pics and tell us that you wouldn’t like to do a swap with this lucky guy here.. this perfect fuck slut gets banged in the doggy style position and her huge firm silicone boobs are bouncing back and forth, up and down.. yeah baby, Kortney Kane you’re so fucking hot!!

Big Boobs Sexblog – Kortney Kane gets Fucked!

Kortney Kane
Big Boobs Sexblog
Big Boobs


Thirsty Catwoman with Big Plastic Tits

Catwoman with silicone boobsGreat news for all the fans who visit my free Silicone Boobs sexblog regularly! There is not only a new update with a hardcore gallery in which a busty slut gets fucked but also a complete re-design of the page. From now on you can enjoy all the big plastic tits on your smartphone or tablet everywhere you go!

No matter what kind of device you prefer, each article will look perfectly just like this thirsty catwoman. I found this cumcraving babe with the huge silicone breasts on my favorite website. It’s called Reality Kings and has so much to offer for people who prefer busty girls instead of small titty babes. After an outstanding halloween party this sexy pussy cat is interested in drinking some stuff. She had already quite a lot of beer and booze while dancing in the club so it’s about time for some warm milk from bull. With her hot cat woman outfit and her big plastic tits it’s not quite difficult to pick up a guy who is willing to fill up her greedy mouth with some sweet cumloads. Ony lucky guy is allowed to stroke the busty kitty with the fake breasts and fuck her shaved clit until it’s time for feeding and breeding!

I hope you’ll enjoy the latest update on my big boobs sexblog as much as I do. The featured babe is at least 18 years old as all the other chicks on my site and the hardcore pictures are free always so lean back and have fun with the following gallery!

Thirsty Catwoman with Big Plastic Tits

big plastic tits
tight slut with silicone breasts
cumcraving pussy cat


Busty Slut Licked And Fucked

Silicone BoobsLast time I presented you one of the hottest teen sluts with big silicone boobs.. well, today I’ve got some new hardcore porno pics with a busty MILF slut who get’s her wet pussy licked and fucked by one of her useless employees. It’s a must-see BigTitsBoss scene, trust me you’ll love it!

Yes, this hot blonde in the sexy black dress is the boss of a very successful company. Her name is Darcy Taylor and she’s a busty slut anyone would like to work for. There is just one problem, not all of the co-workers are that highly motivated. Ramon for example is a lazy guy whos work is always a little bit inadequate and hey look at his clothes.. he looks like a construction worker, he doesn’t suits the office.

Darcy is yelling at him in a very rude way and soon he is crawling on the floor like a poor little worm. Instead of trampling on Ramon this busty slut rather wants to get licked and fucked.. she grabs his hands and places them on her huge silicone boobs. Damn, he’s already getting a boner, this wild confrontation must goen he thinks. Busty MILF Darcy sits down on her table and spreads her long sexy legs. She smothers his face in between her huge juicy silicone boobs and her wet pussy lips. This guy can’t breath anymore but his dick is as hard as steel..

However as you can see, there is no better way to motivate a young guy than seducing him with a very voluptuous blowjob. Now check out these free hardcore porno pics, sexy boss Darcy Taylor takes a employees dick deep into her greedy fuckholes. She is always in control of the wild fucking and receives a huge cumload on her big breasts.. made of silicone!!

Busty Slut Licked And Fucked

Busty Slut Licked
Sexy MILF Blowjob
Busty Slut Fucked

Look at this pretty face, Darcy Taylors blowjob skills are amazing. Don’t you wonder how she got in this high position? No other chick in the company sucks and fucks dick like this busty slut!

Hot Teen With Silicone Boobs

Plastic JugsWelcum back to hottest free Silicone Boobs Sex site in the World Wide Web. More than a month without any new tits is shame and that’s why we’ve got a real stunner for you today. You’ll love it long as you like a Hot Teen With Silicone Boobs, promised!

Despite of the long break, we’ve been looking for the Greatest Plastic Jugs Worldwide and found this great Big Boob Sex episode on Pure18. Check out this lovely blonde called Rikki Six. She’s a pure sexbomb, a hot teen with silicone boobs, firm, big, just perfect! In this pure18 scene with the title “New Beginnings” she’s getting pussy fucked by thick cock. Outdoor, right beside a swimming pool she licks, sucks and rides the lucky guys cock. Sexy babe Rikki Six is unlike any blonde teen.. she can satisfy men with a perfect silicone boobs job but first of all let’s check out what’s exactly going on here..

Rikki Sex – Hot Teen With Silicone Boobs

Silicone Boobs
Big Boob Sex
Rikki Six

The busty superlative, we’ve got even more hardcore sexpics with thos lovely teen babe…

Sexy Lebians with Big Boobs

Big Boobs LesbiansLooking for some sexy lesbians with big boobs? Cool, you should definitely check out this new update then. We were checking the whole web for fresh new hardcore scenes with busty lesbo girls and found these two sexy blondes here.

Both are absolutely hot and more than just interested in stimulating each others wet pussy. The lovely girl with the huge silicone boobs is called Laureen Pink and she’s really well known in europe for her wild gang bang parties and amateur sex scenes. Apart from her insatiable appetite for cum she also seem to enjoy lesbian sex as one can see in this fabulous glamour sex video here.

Her new sex mate is Jessy Key, a blonde teen slut also with long blonde hair, a pretty face and a small firm ass! Ok she doesn’t have any silicone big boobs yet but who knows, maybe she interested in a huge pair of tits after getting fucked by Laureen. These two sexy lesbians are armed with a nubby sex toy, the perfect weapon to fuck such tight cunts!

Check out the following free hardcore sexpics from Teen Slut Collection the european porn site where we actually found these Sexy Lesbians with Big Boobs. No cocks for Laureen Pink today, there is a teen cunt to get seduced.

Silicone Boobs – Free Hardcore Sexpics
Laureen Pink
Blonde Lesbians

Those sexy pics are amazing, aren’t they? I can’t get enough of them and there were quite a lot more available in the Teen Slut Collection members area. I downloaded the uncensored full length video in the highest quality along with the big photo set and I can’t how often I checked them out since I’ve got them on my HDD.


Silicone MILF Hunter

Silicone MILF HunterLast time we presented you these two gorgeous euro lesbians… they were blond, they had big silicone boobs and they were hot! Today we’ve been looking again for some more experienced busty US Girls and we found this hottie here called Rhiannon.

She was actually just looking for some new sex toys but the Silicone MILF Hunter convinced her for a hard fuck right in the shop. You’d like to know what exactly happened there? Let’s ask the master himself, the silicone boobs hunter. Meet the beautiful Rhiannon! I ran into this cute bitch at the adult book store and she had me at hello. This hot milf is sizzling, smoking, on fire and any word for hot you can think of.

She was wearing a super hot pink shirt and tight white shorts that show just enough of her MILF ass and pussy to drive any man mad. This babe wanted to look at the variety of silicone sex toys and dildos they had for sale. Afterall, this milf needs some orgasmic pleasure and her man hadn’t been giving it to her anymore.

MILF with huge Silicone Boobs

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She wanted me to help her test some of the toys and I was more than happy to do it. She took off her top and exposed those nice tits. Her MILF pussy was wet and shaved and begging for some action.


Big Boob Sex

big boob sexYeah two weeks passed by but the thirst for big Boob Sex can’t get saturated. About three or four days ago I was looking for some fresh new tits, not too easy.. it felt like “hmm I remind that chick, I’ve seen this Sex Video somewehere already.

But fortunately not this time, on a nice board I found this hot site called Teen Slut Collection. Something I’ve never heard before, but hey I thought: “why shouldn’t I give it a try”. So I’ve signed up for this nice teen sex site. The reason why? That’s a pretty simple question.. I’ve seen those busty lesbians here.

I really had to have it, it’s big boob sex at it’s best. Two lovely girls, one known as Stella Styles (Penthouse Model) and the other bird is called Sweet Julie are the perfect lesbo couple. Girls know what other girls want. Especially such lovely blondes have a lot in common. They’re licking and grabbing each others boobs and pussy as if there was no camera or anything around. I was curious about who will be in control but one thing was pretty clear.. both will lose the control of their coolness as long as enough toys are around!

Check out those hot Big Boob Sex Pictures

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Well, these two blonde babes are just stunning hot, aren’t they? Both got perfectly shaped bodies, big silicone boobs and they seen to share the same interest in nylon socks. (more…)

Busty Silicone Mom Fucking

silicone milfWelcome to June, well now it’s really about time to introduce a new porn site, every big tits fan should know. It’s been a while since there were new boobs presented here on this great Silicone Boobs Blog and I’m so glad that I can surprise you with such an outstanding scene!

So what it this hot porn all about? James, actually a smart guy just wnat’s to got to his girlfriends kitchen to get something to drink for here as his cumload doesn’t seem to be interesting for her at this point. Suddenly his busty step mom appears right behind here.. of course he’s shocked and doesn’t what to say but that’s not necessary as you can see on the following hardcore porn pictures!

This hot step Mom mentions Jimmys stiff dick, so it’s pretty clear that her daughter Kelly was quite too lazy satisfying her boyfriend. Now it’s mommys turn to take care of Kelly business… he sucks his big dick, gets bent over the counter and fucked as hell. Sounds great but it gets even better.. after some intense pussy pounding Kelly enters the room and well she seems to be quite surprised, doesn’t she?

Free MILF Sexpics – Moms Sex Instructions for Teens

backdoor kitchen fuck
busty mom and daughter

Hot Mom fucked in kitchen CLICK HERE!

Silicone Boob Latina

silicone latinaLook at this horny silicone breast Latina! These are the best and biggest silicone Latina boobs, aren’t they? This Chick comes from New York City and is called Mikayla. She’s the boss in an middle positioned company.

Just imagine she is your boss and you have to see these gorgeous tits every day. These big two are real good daily motivation. But only watching at them isn’t satisfying enough. This insignificant employee here, was called to Mikaylas office to give her some papers. But he only stutters and was only watching at her beautiful silicone breast. She noticed that and likes it. She plays with her gorgeous Latina boobs and completely confuses him. She lays his hands on her tits and let him kneads them. Suddenly everything went fast.

All of a sudden she sticks his dick into her mouth and starts sucking while takes off her skirt and pleasures her pussy. They started a hot prelude till he bent her over and fucks Mikayla doggy style. He certainly cums on her huge silicone Latina boobs. You don’t have such a gorgeous boss? I’m sorry for that, you may better provide remedy and join RealityKing.Com!

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Want More Silicone Tits?

How a Carwash has to look like!

Sexy Carwash Thats the way a carwash has to look like! Is there something else that cleans your car better as huge silicon breasts? Of course not!

These two smoking hot cleaning ladies, make your car look like new. With their huge boobs! At first they remove the biggest dirt with their dripping wet swamps, but the finishing touch needs a special tool! With those big breasts and hard nipples you can reach every corner an eliminate every piece of mud. But working in such a heat is really stressful and our silicon breast lesbians need a break and some relaxation. And what is more relaxing as playing with each others boobs? Maybe taking the clothes of and play with more than just their boobs! They backtrack themselves to a quiet place and have some fun with each other.

Big boobs car cleaning

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